Students honor Patriot Day

BLACKFOOT — Seventy-three fourth and fifth graders at the Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) built a flag that was displayed on the outside of their mobile classroom in honor of Patriot Day on Wednesday.
Most fifth graders were not yet born when the twin towers were hit on Sept. 11, 2001.
Patriot Day is designated as a day of remembrance and service.
Fifth grade teacher Kelly Jo Fisk said the students took a virtual tour of events on 9-11 using the smart board in her classroom.
"We also took a virtual tour of the memorial," she said.
"The names of those who died on engraved in bronze," Fisk said. "At night, when the lights show through, the names glow."
Comments from some of the fifth graders:
"The twin towers fell down when Islamic terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the twin towers and the Pentagon," said Isaac Turner. "The day makes me sad; I wish it didn't happen."
"A plane crashed in a field [in Pennsylvania] when the passengers on a plane took over the plane," said Teague Briggs. "The flag [at school] was at half staff for Patriot Day; my friends and I saluted it [on Wednesday]."
"Hundreds of people survived because of the survivor staircase [in the twin towers]," said Krystyn Wallace.
"[On Wednesday] we honored our loved ones who were injured or killed on 9-11," said Connor McGrane. "We can do this by thanking firefighters, police and first responders."
"It is a day of remembrance to honor the brave, brave people who died," said Derek Adams. "We can try to help people by donating to a food drive."
Jaxon Howell said, "I feel bad that everyone got hurt but it brought the nation more together.
"We can work together to get stuff done," he said.
Christian Lilya said, "It's very tragic to America. We can do stuff to honor the people who died by helping people."
"This day means a lot to everybody who really helped," said Ashley Lucas.
"Lots of people died," said Cutter Coverdale. "The side of the Pentagon that was hit [by terrorists] was being rebuilt so not as many people died.
"I'm sad that people died; I'm thankful that people can be nice and happy for firemen and police officers," he said.
Athan Blonquist said, "It was a tragic day; America was touched.
"It's scary at times, like with the Boston Marathon," he said.
"It makes me sad when I think about the twin towers," said Tilden Briggs. "It makes me want to cry when I hear 'God Bless the U.S.A.'"
Hailey Transtrum said, "This day reminds me of those who died for me and those who care about American more than anything. These people will do anything for America.
"I didn't realize how privileged we are because some places are not as safe as Blackfoot," said Hailey.

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