Students try out law

Members of the Firth High School mock trial team are (from left) Spencer Killpack, Desmond Killian, Wyatt Hamilton, Kaylee Uribe, Kaitlyn Wanstrom, Kiley Smith and Aubrey Killpack. Trevor Clayson is the coach. Kiley Smith from Firth offers her testimony during the Idaho High School Mock Trial Competition in Pocatello on Saturday. ‘Witness’ Kaitlyn Wanstrom offers her testimony at the mock trial competition on Saturday. Retired Judge Penny Stanford from Dubois presided over the case. Firth mock trial counselors Desmond Killian and Spencer Killpack prepare for competition on Saturday at the Idaho High School Mock Trial Competition in Pocatello.
Staff Writer

Seven high school teams competed in mock trials at the Bannock County Courthouse in Pocatello on Saturday with the goal of penetrating the opposing counsels reasoning.
Assistant U.S. attorney Mike Fica has coached the mock trial team at Pocatello High School for 18 years.
“I believe in the program for two reasons,” he said. “Students learn the importance of persuasive speaking and they learn how to argue both sides of a case without seeing their opponent as the enemy.”
Students from Century High School, Firth High School, Helena High School (Montana), Marsh Valley High School and Pocatello High School competed.
The same case is argued throughout the day. Each team develops its own strategies that are presented in the case. Teams must prepare both the plaintiff and the defense sides of the case.
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