Studio has tradition of excellence

BLACKFOOT—Dance instructor and owner of Blackfoot's Downtown Dance Studio (DDS) Amy Mow has made a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of girls throughout the 10 years that she has been in business.
Mow was born and raised in the Blackfoot area and is a graduate of both Blackfoot High School and BYU-Idaho. She is married to Michael Mow and together they have four children: Ethan (10), Noah (8), Bella (6), and Libby-Lu (3).
Marva-Lu Kesler, who ran the Blackfoot Stars, was Mow's only dance teacher of 12 years.
"I couldn't have done it without Marva-Lu; she's like my second mom," said Mow, "As soon as she was done with her dance teaching career, I started my own."
People told Mow that she was crazy to start a dance studio in Blackfoot, but here she is living her dream of owning and running her own dance studio.
"Ever since I can remember, my dream was to become a dance instructor and I've fulfilled that dream. anything is possible," said Mow.
Just a few weeks ago, Mow received the "best team spirit" award in Blackfoot from the Best of Blackfoot Committee.
"It was amazing because they not only recognized me, but they recognized my parents, the team and my staff," addedd Mow, "I'm very proud for the studio to be recognized by someone who isn't affiliated with the studio for something we've worked on instilling in our studio for over 10 years."
Mow started with 54 girls in 2004 and now thas 320 girls at the studio.
"Every day I feel so thankful for the community assisting me in fulfilling my dream," she said, "Without these amazing girls and their families I would never be where I am today."
Even through the ups and downs of the economy, Mow has continued to increase her enrollment.
"We are truly blessed that the community has been there for us," said Mow.
Mow is known for her emphasis on modesty and modest movements in her choreography.
"We like to keep our values and standards high," said Mow.
At DDS, Mow and her staff promote more than just dance. They promote hard work, dedication, commitment, and encourage the girls to become good citizens.
"Our motto at the studio is 'we promise to stand by you forever'; this statement has really proven to be what holds our program together,'" continued Mow, "Even when the dancers graduate or no longer dance in our program, it is my commitment to stand by them no matter where they are. We build relationships and memories that last forever through dance."
According to Mow, DDS has branched out into offering a gymnastics program that has really taken off. Registration for the gymnastics class will be coming up in December.
"She is by far the most talented, organized dance instructor in Blackfoot," Hailey Sherburne said, "She's built a name for herself and the community trusts her."
Upcoming agenda items for DDS include more dances, more performances, a yearend recital, and bringing back some alumni dancers to perform a specific number.
"It isn't about the trophies or the awards; for me it is all about making the program something that the community could be proud of while also making these girls confident, passionate and dedicated to becoming their personal best: always be the best person first, then become the best dancer," Mow said.