Submit Your "Leading Women" Story

Who are the Women in your Life that shape you and others around you?

Our lives are shaped and changed by competent, powerful, gentle, wonderful women in our lives. 

This year, on July 6 in Progress Magazine, we will tell about our Leading Women in our community…through your stories. This is not a contest; it is a celebration of those whom we love and respect the most. (Deadlline June 25th, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.)

Tell us of women who have contributed. Tell us what they have done. Who they have influenced. What they have changed. What they have overcome. Make us cry. Make us laugh. Make us cheer.

Submit a short essay of around 400 words (no more than 500 words).

The Morning News will publish as many of these as possible. Some of these will become feature articles that may be much larger. Our reporters may follow up and write more in-depth articles.  Earlier stories will be considered for feature articles. 

For questions, email,


Enter the full name of the Leading Woman who is the subject of this story.
Please provide a contact phone number of the Leading Woman. We will not publish this story without permission.
Please enter the story or story idea. Please limit to about 400 words. We may consider this story for a feature article.
Please include a digital picture. This can be a candid shot or a formal photo.Maximum file size is 4 megs.