Take out 'a blind date' at the Blackfoot City Library

Librarians at the Blackfoot Public Library, 129 N. Broadway, are inviting patrons to take out a book on a blind date.
Each wrapped book has been selected by the librarians and has a staff endorsement.
By way of introduction, each book features its date of birth (when published), its gender (genre-fiction, adventure, romance, etc.), the number of pages and a short description.
"We wrapped 50 books; we figured that amount would last all week," said Library Director Lisa Harral. "The books are almost gone on the first day.
"We will all be wrapping books tonight," she said.
Rules of this blind date are:
° After choosing your book, you cannot open it until you get home.
° Inside the book is a form to "rate your date."
° Return the form and you will be entered into a drawing for a dinner for two.
° The drawing for dinner for two will take place at the end of the month.
Blind dating will be available for the entire month of February.
Speed Dating, Literary Style, starts at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday.
"It's a spoof on modern day dating," said Harral. "Eight presenters will try to talk you into their genre.
"They are going to try to talk you into a good book," she said.
Refreshments will be served.