Tall solar lights installed around greenbelt

Let there be light...and more light...along Blackfoot's greenbelt. Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue announced Monday that the 15-foot solar-powered Bollard lights that were ordered to be installed along the Jensen Grove greenbelt are here and will be installed to the light way for walkers by the end of next week.
"City workers have poured the foundations for installation of 18 of the lights at various locations around the loop," Virtue said.
Virtue said that a series of small 3 1/2 foot lamps, are still out for bid and should be installed in between the tall lights no later than the end of the year. In all, 40 lights will be installed along the walkway when the project is complete.
"The greenbelt has high usage year-round," Virtue said. "We keep the snow removed off the path in the wintertime and this new lighting will make it safer for those who enjoy using the path when it's dark."
Virtue said city crews also poured the pads to put in five new shelters along the beach at Jensen Grove, perfect for picnics or to get out of the weather.