Teacher's battle with school district not over

There may be more contention in the future for the Snake River School District regarding teacher Elaine Asmus.
On Monday, Asmus' attorney, Paul Stark, general counsel with the Idaho Education Association, explained the background of this case from his perspective.
In April, the Snake River Board of Trustees conducted a due process hearing for Asmus. In its written decision on April 21, 2014, the board offered Asmus a contract for the 2014-2015 school year and put her on probation for one year.
"In Idaho Code, probation for teachers is usually eight weeks; one year is a long probation," said Stark.
The written decision of the board reads: "Prior to consideration of such plan of probation by the Board, Ms. Asmus shall be given written notice of such recommended plan of probation."
"We assumed the Elaine would be given notice of her probation before it was presented to the board; that there would be collaboration," said Stark.
"That did not happen," he said. "They did not speak with her."
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