Thieves stealing grave decorations

It's an emotional time when folks take the time to decorate the graves of their loved ones during the Memorial Day weekend or throughout the year. However; emotions can quickly turn to hurt and anger, when it is discovered that what has been placed on those graves has been stolen.
Ruth Adams of Blackfoot, and her daughter Diane Adams-Mullenix of Utah, know firsthand how it feels. The big heart-shaped wreath, that they lovingly made by hand with over 200 red and white silk carnations, was stolen out of the Groveland Cemetery off the the grave of husband/fathe -longtime Sterling resident Don Adams.
Ruth said that she and Diane secured the wreath with large stakes and anchors on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Within 48 hours it was discovered by another family member that it was gone.
"I couldn't believe it was gone. I was heartbroken," Ruth exclaimed. "We scoured that cemetery and it was nowhere to be found. It's been stolen and somebody out there knows something."
"Whoever took it went to some trouble to take it off of the stakes; This was a big 3 foot x 4 foot wreath; we had it secured pretty good. They must've taken it at night." Diane added. "We spent hours working on that wreath. It was a tribute to our father."
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