Thompson files as write-in candidate for county commissioner

Matt Thompson has thrown in his cowboy hat into the ring to run a write-in campaign for Bingham County commissioner in District One.
Mark Bair won the Republican nomination for this office in the primary election.
Thompson was second in the race.
So why is he running?
Based on the precinct reports, if the commissioner office was elected by districts, Bair would have finished third or fourth, Thompson said.
"I feel like the people at the north end of Bingham County need to be represented by someone in District One," Thompson said. "Someone who grew up there, who knows the people, the roads, the backcountry and the issues that affect District One.
"I have no personal problem with Mark Bair," he said. "He would be a great commissioner from District Three where he grew up and lived his whole life.
(Most of it anyway. Bair and his wife, Sherrilynn, moved into the Firth area a couple years ago.) There were six people in the primary race—five from Shelley, Thompson said. This allowed the newcomer with name recognition to be elected.
"I'm running because I am a fiscally conservative person," he said.
"I really want to serve the people of Bingham County; to make Bingham County the best place it can be," Thompson said.
"I am going to talk with the state legislators and urge them to look into changing the voting for a commissioner so a person can vote for the person who lives in their district," he said.
Thompson is a fourth generation rancher.
"I have deep roots in Bingham County," he said. "We've been in business in Bingham County over 100 years."
"I graduated from Shelley High School," said Thompson. "My kids attend school in Firth."
Tuesday, Oct. 9, is the last day for the declaration of intent to be filed by write-in candidates for the General Election with the County Clerk or Secretary of State. This filing is for federal, state, legislative or county candidates.
The names of write-in candidates are not printed on the ballot.
To vote for a write-in candidate, the voter must fill in the oval and then write the candidate's name and office for which he is running on the ballot.
The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Thompson and Bair are running for the Bingham County Commissioner District One seat. Currently, Cleone Jolley is the commissioner from District One. He was first elected to this position in 2001 and will retire at the end of his term in January 2013.