Thompson thanks life savers

On Monday, Bruce Thompson (center) expressed his thanks to those people who saved his life. From the left are Cpl. Jeremy Hook, Deputy Josh Eaton, Thompson, Dispatchers Kourtney Grisham and Samantha Cuttler. Bruce Thompson survived a 'widow maker' heart attack on Saturday, April 7. On Monday, he thanked everyone who was instrumental in saving his life.
Staff Writer

Blackfoot resident Bruce Thompson survived a "widow-maker" heart attack with the help of his friends, dispatchers and Bingham County Sheriff officers. On Monday, he was in the sheriff's office to thank his life savers.
"I'm just glad to be alive," he said. "They are instrumental in saving my life. Everything was handled very professionally."
He had his heart attack on Saturday, April 7. He and his friends—Jake Black, a former ICE officer, and Jed Taylor who owns Taylor Real Estate—were at the Cedar Hills Gun Club. His friends went right to work—Black started doing CPR; Taylor called 911. Receiving this emergency call were Bingham County dispatchers Kourtney Grisham and Samantha Cuttler. Grisham was took the call, explaining what his friends needed to do as they did CPR. Cuttler was handling the radio. She "dispatched out," directing sheriff officers and paramedics where they needed to be.
Responding to this call were Bingham County Sheriff Cpl. Jeremy Hook and Deputy Josh Eaton.
"If you see a sheriff's officers, thank them," Thompson said. "Give them a wave; say 'hi.'"
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