Thousands celebrate Spud Day

SHELLEY – Thousands took in activities at Spud Day last Saturday. Spud Party USA 2010 was the theme for this, the 82nd annual Spud Day.
In the adult division of the popular Spud Tug, after a long, hard-fought tug, the Mike Crapo team bested the Versey team, which had won the Spud Tug for the past five years. There were 13 teams entered. The winning team took home a tall trophy and $100.
Rules for the Spud Tug are simple. The number of people on the team doesn’t matter as long as their combined weight does not exceed 1,000 pounds. It is also a single-elimination contest.
The LDS missionary team had five members.
In the youth division, the winning team boasted 10 members. Team Spudnik was the youth champion.
The potato mash is mixed in a cement mixer that has been cleaned before the instant potatoes and water are put in. The potatoes are poured into a form that has been cut out of the ground. The form measures approximately 8 feet wide x 12 feet long x 18 inches deep.