Threat to Blackfoot schools a hoax

Threat made to Blackfoot schools a hoax

BLACKFOOT — A threat made against schools in Blackfoot Monday night was found to be a hoax, police said Wednesday.
Law enforcement was notified of the threat Monday night from a citizen who had heard an individual speaking into a cell phone, Lt. Paul Newbold with the Blackfoot Police Department said. The threat was related to a school shooting and was targeted toward students in the sixth through twelfth grades, Newbold said.
Police worked with school officials to investigate the threat and to determine the best way to handle the threat. Officers had an increased presence at the Blackfoot Sixth Grade School, Mountain View Middle School, Blackfoot High School and Independence High School Tuesday, Newbold said.
Superintendent Scott Crane said the increased officers at the schools were used to deter any potential threat.
"We have to take all rumors seriously," he said.
After investigating the threat, Newbold said they determined it was a hoax. He described the individual who made the threat as a young adult who is not a student.
He said his office in in contact with the Bingham County Prosecutor's Office and charges may be filed against the individual who made the threat.
"When a threat comes in we take those very seriously," Newbold said.