Three seek Blackfoot council seat

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot City Council will have one new face after the Nov. 8 elections. Clair L. Broadhead, Randy Herbert and Butch Hulse are seeking to fill seat 4 vacated by councilman Robert Layton. Incumbents Rich Woodfin and Farrell D. Cammack are running unopposed for their respective seats.

Clair L. Broadhead
Broadhead was born and raised in Bingham County and graduated from Snake River High School in 1969. He has owned and operated Clair Broadhead Construction in the Blackfoot area for 36 years. He says he was laid off three days before he got married and just basically told people he would fix or build anything. Before he knew it additional help was required and he has been in the construction business since.
"This town has treated me good in my business for 36 years," said Broadhead. "Now it's time to pay it back. My only agenda is to try and help the community."
Clair and his wife Paula have four kids and 12 grandkids which he says "are my life."
Broadhead says that if elected he plans to "meet with every department head and watch over things closely... not take control, but stay involved with what is happening. If elected I will have 10,000 bosses and I will work hard for them."

Randy Herbert
Randy Herbert, originally from the Burley area, is 37 years old. He owned a bail bond business prior to coming to Blackfoot where he took a job with the Blackfoot Police Department. He is now a detective with the Bingham County Sheriff's Office. Herbert, who is still enlisted with the Navy, was deployed to Iraq several years ago.
Herbert says it has been his life goal to be a detective. For the six years he has lived in Blackfoot he has been involved in law enforcement and believes that experience is a benefit he would bring to the council.
"I want to try to bring common sense in the job," said Herbert. "I see the issues in the city, I see the people – we work on the street and can see and hear what needs done."
Herbert says if elected he plans to implement some advice once given by a chief of police – "don't just bring me problems, bring me solutions."
"I don't presume to be smarter than anyone else," said Herbert. "If I'm elected I will make my email available. I will be available. My attitude is you tell us–– and we'll work on it and find common sense solutions."
Herbert's wife Emily is a student and the couple has three children.

Butch Hulse
Butch Hulse grew up in the Blackfoot area and graduated from Blackfoot High School in 1965. After graduation he enlisted in the military and spent the next 28 years out of the area where he owned and operated his own business. Hulse and his wife Paula moved back to Blackfoot in 1997.
He currently works for Bingham Memorial Hospital, Bingham County Economic Development and owns a barber shop.
Hulse prides himself on his community service and has volunteered extensively with the Chamber of Commerce, including a year as president. He is a longtime member of the Potato Museum board, Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency, and helps organize the legislative breakfasts.
"I'm a great organizer," said Hulse. "And I believe we can organize people into groups that can greatly contribute to Blackfoot. Volunteerism is almost a thing of the past –– but, I know if you can get people excited about something they'll come out of the woodwork and we could really make Blackfoot shine."
Hulse foresees issues surrounding the economy and jobs to be key in the next couple years and wants to be part of the solution.
"People say I've done a lot for the community, but it's always been from the outside. I'd like to get on the inside and see what I can do working on the inside of a municipality," said Hulse.

Absentee voting is now open Monday through Friday at the Bingham County clerk's office, 501 N. Maple St. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Absentee voting closes Friday, Nov. 4, at 5 p.m. Election day is Nov. 8.