Thumbs up for heart disease awareness

Steven Moldenhauer has found a unique way to raise awareness about heart disease. As part of his "Thumbs Up for Women's Heart Health Month" campaign, Moldenhauer is painting people's thumbnails aorta red. Moldenhauer is conducting this campaign in support of his sister, Brady Meline, who suffers from microvascular disfunction and Prinzmetal spasms.
Moldenhauer said he started to get the idea for the "Thumbs Up" campaign earlier this week as he watched Meline paint her thumbnails red.
"He [Steven] borrowed my nail polish and painted his thumbnail. Dad was making fun of him," said Meline. The next day, Moldenhauer decided to take the nail polish off.
However, Moldenhauer changed his mind after his father, Rocky, painted his own thumbnail and posted a picture of it on Facebook. "I knew that if he was wiling to do this, other people would in order to raise awareness," said Mouldenhauer.
Moldenhauer has found many people willing to participate in his awareness campaign. His friends and acquaintances at Idaho State University are sporting red thumbnails. Even some of his professors have participated.
Both Steven and Rocky have convinced several Blackfoot residents to paint their thumbnails. Participants have also shown their support for the cause by allowing Moldenhauer to post pictures of them with their thumbs up on his Facebook group page.
Meline is glad her brother came up with this idea.
"This is a fast way to get the word out," said Meline.
She said she hopes there will be more discussion and awareness about women's heart disease. "In the future, I hope women's heart disease will be taken as seriously as breast cancer," said Meline.