Triathlon winners come from near, far

Saturday's Blackfoot Triathlon.
Women's champion Melissa Pett, meanwhile, came from Idaho Falls.
Both were first-time participants in the event, which was in its fourth year.
"What really drew me is it's a USAT (United States of America Triathlon Association)-sanctioned course," said Warden, who is a triathlon coach who trains 15 athletes.
"I liked the course. It was well marked. And it was great to see the volunteers and police officers out there; I felt safe throughout."
The race consisted of a 750-meter swim, a 20-kilometer bike ride and a 5-kilometer run. Warden finished the race in one hour three seconds. 32.
Kent Johnson was second in 1:11.11.3 while Justin Packard was third in 1:11.11.8.
Thirty-eight men finished the competition.
Pett, a gymnastics and swim coach, didn't officially do the event in 2012, but got permission to ride the course during the competition. She returned this year.
"I came in hoping to win," said Pett. "I did good in the water, really good on the bike and survived the run."
She finished the race in 1:18.25. Quincy Van Orden was second in 1:24.47 while Barbara Nelson was third in1:27.24. Twenty women competed.

Women Results
1,Melissa,Pett,1:18:25.2; 2,Quincy,Van Orden,1:24:47.8; 3,Barbara,Nelson,1:27:24.1; 4,Amy,Kingston,1:30:14.0; 5,Julie,Steadman,1:31:35.3; 6,Aleacia,Higginson,1:31:54.7; 7,Sarah,Wheeler,1:32:32.7; 8,Debra,Adams,1:34:49.0; 9,Debra,Armstrong,1:35:34.2; 10,Ronda,Cluff,1:35:57.8; 11,Sandy,Griffitts,1:38:50.3; 12,Sarah,Jackson,1:39:34.2; 13,Nicole,Robinson,1:39:55.3; 14,Raelyn,Briscoe,1:42:29.0; 15,Leslie,Deschaine,1:45:11.2; 16,Wendy,Astin,1:45:43.1; 17,Chris,Van Orden,1:46:41.4; 18,Alison,Hatch,1:51:45.6; 19,Alicia,Popejoy,1:58:59.8; 20,Juley,Hankins Smith,2:05:41.1; 21,Marcy,Howell,2:27:22.1;

Men Results
1,David,Warden,1:03:32.1; 2,Kent,Johnson,1:11:11.3; 3,Justin,Packard,1:11:11.8; 4,Ryan,Piggott,1:12:00.5; 5,Byron,Bennett,1:12:34.6; 6,Joseph,Van Orden,1:13:01.2; 7,Randy,Astin,1:13:52.6; 8,Anthony,Perkins,1:14:38.7; 9,Bradly,Nelson,1:15:58.5; 10,Daniel,Wendt,1:16:24.0; 11,Damon,Armstrong,1:17:16.4; 12,Ben,Nickell,1:17:25.7; 13,David,Deschaine,1:17:30.6; 14,Tommy,Abend,1:18:03.3; 15,Scott,Strupp,1:18:27.8; 16,Pete,Mecham,1:20:46.5; 17,Shane,Damron,1:22:31.4; 18,Doug,Favor,1:22:40.7; 19,Andrew,Jensen,1:23:35.1; 20,Alan,Griffitts,1:23:53.9; 21,Aram,Sloan,1:26:32.4; 22,Wes,Jensen,1:26:43.7; 23,Luis,Ortiz,1:27:32.7; 24,Alex,Navarro,1:28:02.6; 25,Rob,Strupp,1:32:00.1; 26,Andrew,Newman,1:34:32.8; 27,Levi,Christiansen,1:35:08.0; 28,Scott,Hellstrom,1:36:55.2; 29,Derrick,Dye,1:36:57.2; 30,Tony,Peace,1:39:34.6; 31,Michael,Martin,1:40:21.3; 32,Mark,Martin,1:41:25.5; 33,Richard,Evans,1:44:00.6; 34,Bryce,Moser,1:44:42.8; 35,Joe,Costello,1:46:38.8; 36,Wayne,Turner,1:59:20.3; 37,Mathew,Howell,2:25:04.9; 38,Bryon,Howell,2:27:23.1; 39,Ryan,Ellis,DNF;

Team Results
1, The Jackson Express, 1:39:50.81;