Two tragedies rock the community

BLACKFOOT—Two separate tragedies have rocked the Blackfoot community the past week and the public is reaching out to help those who have been directly affected by the accidents.
On Wednesday, Noelle Shawver (5) died from a gunshot wound after accidentally being shot while visiting friends at a home on Canal St. in Chubbuck.
Noelle is the daughter of Drew and Stacie (Udy) Shawver from Blackfoot.
While the investigation into the shooting is stilling ongoing, the Chubbuck Police Department has determined that another 5-year old child at the home got ahold of the firearm - discharging it and accidentally shooting Noelle. It's been reported that there were adults in the home when the shooting occurred; however, they were in a different room.
Noelle would have started kindergarten this fall.
Last Saturday night, members of the Joe Pratt family of Blackfoot (and a family friend), were in a crash (on I-86 near Baker City, Oregon) that killed Tanda Pratt (60) and seriously injuring her husband Joe (61); son Todd (30). A family friend traveling with them, Austin Parker (23) from Pocatello, received only minor injuries.
The family was returning from a camping trip at around 10:30 p.m., when Todd, who was driving the pick-up truck and pulling the camper, hit an elk - crashing into the median and rolling the truck and the camper.
Joe, who had the most serious injuries, remains in an induced coma at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. Family members report that his ribs and the bones in his face were broken. There does not appear to be any brain damage or serious injury to his heart.
Todd is recovering from neck surgery.
The Pratt family owns and operates Pratt Truck Service in Blackfoot and is well known in the Bingham County Community.
GoFundMe fundraising sites have been set up online for the public to donate to both families.
To help the Shawver family pay for Noelle's funeral expenses go to:
To help the Pratt family with medical expenses go to:
Funeral services for both Noelle [Shawver] and Tanda [Pratt] are under the direction of Hawker Funeral Home in Blackfoot. For more information go to: