BLACKFOOT — When the Morning News asked readers to submit love stories of longtime married couples, such as their parents or grandparents, Lindsey Spanbauer quickly took advantage.
"My sweet little grandma, Zola Sorensen, at the time was 19 years old and my grandpa, Thomas Lavere John was 23 years old," she said of their marriage.
"He knew he wanted to make her his wife, so he asked her and she didn't hesitate for a second before saying, "yes!" Spanbauer wrote.
"He knew she was excited when she said, 'I will tell my parents tonight that we are getting married!'
"They sealed their love for each other on a beautiful 29th of June in 1939," Spanbauer wrote. "Who would have known she would put up with him for 74 years!"
The couple celebrated their anniversary on June 29, 2013. Sadly, five days after this milestone, Zola passed away.
"A few days before her passing, she told Tom she wanted to go and he said, 'well, you can't leave me. I love you.'"
Spanbauer concluded, "even though she has passed on, Thomas's love for her continues and always will until they meet again."
To share Valentine's stories for your loved ones, email with the story and photos. Among things which will make the stories more compelling are first date/way they met, wedding date, number of children and grandchildren and a word of relationship advice they have shared. While we would prefer those who have been married 50 years or more, we're not going to limit submissions.
We would also invite parents of school-age children to submit Valentines from them to their parents, siblings or other family members.