Volunteers donate time, energy at Community Center

BLACKFOOT — Volunteers on Saturday helped clean, move and organize items at the Blackfoot Community Center.
The Community Center is turning a recently acquired building into a teen center and gym space, freeing up space at the existing space for early childhood programs. The trailer, which used to house the teen program, will now be used as the art center. The second location is at 257 W. Broadway.
Several volunteers lending a hand Saturday were those with children who attend the Community Center. Mary Folkner, who has a fifth grader who attends the teen program, said the new space is great and much more room.
"I'm just here to help volunteer and get everyone moved over," Folkner said as she waited for shelving to be unloaded into the former gym at the building at 157 W. Sexton.
Seventeen-year-old Cody Robinson was earning community service hours Saturday and helped paint, clean and move the gym equipment. He has never gone to the Community Center, but said having a dedicated facility for older children gives them something to do and may keep them out of trouble.
In the teen center, parent volunteer Angie Richardson was helping clean the kitchen. Her daughter attends the after school program and she said she wanted to help.
"I appreciate all they do," she said.
The Blackfoot Community Center offers a variety of programs for youth as well as adult fitness classes. For more information about programming call the center at 785-8022.