Wagner served on minesweeper between wars

BLACKFOOT — Americans have served in a variety of roles to make the world safer.
From 1954-1958, Ed Wagner from Blackfoot served on minesweepers that helped to clear the Pacific Ocean around Taiwan of mines.
"It was kind of a tense time," said Wagner. "WWII was over and the Korean War had just ended. France signed a peace treat with North Vietnam and was vacating that country. The Communist Chinese were chasing the Chinese Nationalists to Taiwan.
"The North Vietnamese had mined the Mekong Delta pretty heavy," he said. "At the time, everything was fluid and going.
"Our job was to locate, destroy and in some cases, pick up, mines left over from these conflicts," said Wagner.
"We would take the serial number of every mine and then discharge it or explode it," he said.
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