Wagon ride to celebrate Idaho's 150th anniversary

To celebrate Idaho's sesquicentennial, that's 150 years since Idaho became a territory, Bingham County commissioners are sponsoring a commemorative wagon train, trail ride and barbecue this week.
If interested to participating in the wagon train or barbecue, make a reservation with commission clerk Lynette George at (208) 782-3013 or email her at lgeorge@co.bingham.id.us.
The wagon train begins at 10 a.m. this Thursday. The barbecue begins at 1 p.m. Saturday for everyone who wants to come.
"Our goal is to give families an opportunity to experience, in a small part, what trail life might have been like for emigrant families and early settlers," said Bingham County Commissioner Ladd Carter.
Entertainment is scheduled each evening along with presentations from the historical society. Music will be featured on Thursday evening; cowboy poetry on Friday.
"If folks can’t come for the whole trip, they can join us at any time along the way," Carter said. "We want to know the number who are planning to attend the barbecue. The rest of the meals will be provided by the trekkers themselves.
"In the interest of safety, we only want people to bring well-trained animals they can control," he said.
Sheriff Craig Rowland is in charge of the barbecue. Bring lawn chairs to sit in for the barbecue.
"We have a committee that has worked hard on the plans," said Carter. "It should be a fun time.”
A map is on the county's web site at www.co.bingham.id.us.  

Directions to the 150 year Idaho Territory Trail ride are:  
“The starting point on Thursday is near the Bingham / Caribou county line  (Sage Hen Flats)  on Lincoln Creek Road, Blackfoot Reservoir Road.
 Six or seven miles will be covered on Thursday. Camp will made near Morgan’s Bridge.
On Friday, the trekkers will cover about 10 miles to Miner’s Creek to camp.
On Saturday, the wagon train will go about five miles to Cedar Creek/ Aldridge School House area, where a barbecue will be hosted by the county. The barbecue begins at 1 p.m. for anyone who would like to come. A short historical program is scheduled.
Directions to the trail head for the 150 year Idaho Territory Trail ride follow:  
From Fort Hall. Go East from the townsite and cross I-15 on the Ross Fork Creek Road.
It is also known as the Gay Mine road.  Turn South (right)  on Pole Line road at the Rail Road crossing.
Continue to the junction of Reservation Road (from Chesterfield area) and
 (A) you can turn North on Lincoln Creek Road to Morgans Bridge  Morgan’s bridge on Thursday  and on to Miners Creek  Miner’s Creek to camp on Friday,  and/or Cedar Creek, Aldridge School House area on Saturday.   
(B)   Continue East through the intersection of Lincoln Creek, Reservation Road on Poleline Road, over to the Blackfoot Reservoir Road and the starting point on Thursday  on Sage Hen Flats near the Bingham /Caribou County line.
From Blackfoot. Travel East from town on Rich Lane. Turn South on Lincoln Creek to the intersection with Pole Line road  (see note above for start point) OR Stop at Morgans Bridge.
From Kimball Hill that is between Blackfoot and Firth on US-91. Turn East on Wolverine Road then turn south on Blackfoot River Road. The camp at Cedar Creek / Aldridge School House area on Saturday can be accessed from this road or follow reverse of above notes.
Please be careful when passing horses.