'Walk a Mile' a success

BLACKFOOT – More than 50 people participated in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” on Saturday.
“We appreciate everyone who comes out to walk,” said Susan Nalley, chair of the board of the Bingham Crisis Center. “We always have amazing support from the community.”
Asked why he was walking, Bryce Moser said, “My wife is on the board and it’s for a good cause; it helps to bring awareness of the Crisis Center and about domestic abuse. It’s a lot of fun.”
“It helps men be aware,” said Cleon Chapman. “I worry about my wife when she goes out on those 2 a.m. calls. (Chapman’s wife, Dixie, is the executive director of the Bingham Crisis Center.)
Chapman teaches welding at Blackfoot High School.
“We’ve had kids at school, teachers and coaches walking the halls of BHS all week raising money for this.
“We have this competition with Snake River about who can raise the most funds,” he said. “We even have a traveling trophy.
“This year, we’ve raised $400 at BHS,” Chapman said. “I want that trophy to stay green, with no purple on it.”
Asked why he was walking, Kevin Rupe said, “We are trying to generate funds for the Crisis Center.”  
Rich Woodfin said, “I’m happy to support the Crisis Center and the community.”
“I do it to help bring awareness,” said Brandon James.
“This is so much fun,” said Dixie Chapman, executive director of the Bingham Crisis Center. “The turn-out has been great.
“There’s energy, excitement and a little bit of education about sexual assault—and no broken ankles,” Chapman said.
Following the walk, walkers were served fruit and water at the Emanuel Lutheran Church.
A cake auction took place at the church to raise more funds for the Crisis Center.
Proceeds from “Walk a Mile” are used for Direct Victim Services at the Bingham Crisis Center.