Waste collected Saturday

BLACKFOOT —Hazardous Household Waste will be collected this Saturday at Bingham County’s Central Transfer Station at Moreland.
This waste will be collected ONLY at the Central Transfer Station
at Moreland.
This service for Bingham County residents only and it is free. The Central Transfer Station will receive this waste from 8 a.m. to 12
noon this Saturday, June 29.
This is a great opportunity to gather up all those old cleaning solvents,
drain cleaners, pesticides and other items that you no longer
need or want. Check for items under your kitchen or bathroom sinks, in
sheds and/or garages.
DO NOT mix hazardous household waster when packaging and transporting the material. If possible, leave in the original containers with labels intact or mark containers if labels are missing.
Be sure all containers are capped or sealed. Containers must be disposed of with waste materials; they cannot be returned.
Transport the containers to the disposal site in a cardboard box lined
with newspaper.
What to bring:
° prescription medications
° gasoline and other
° radiator fluids
° solvents
° sealants
° thinners
° turpentine
° all purpose cleaners
(Fluids and Powders)
° aerosol cans
° pesticides/herbicides/
° glues/ adhesives/
° fluorescent light
bulbs/ ballasts/ tubes
° mercury thermometers
° photographic chemicals
° smoke detectors
° paints
° stains
° polishes
° strippers
° varnishes
° engine lubricants
° batteries
° degreasers
° engine cleaners
° brake and carburetor
° arts and crafts supplies
° old home chemistry kits
° rust preventives
° hydrochloric acid
° bleach
° ammonia
° disinfectants
° toilet bowl cleaners
What NOT to bring:
No commercial or business
No containers over five
No ammunition or
No asbestos material
No radioactive waste
No medical or biological
For more information, call the Bingham County Solid Waste Department at 782-3867 or 782-3870 or Bingham County Public Works at 782-3170.