When will the Walmart remodel ever end?

Shoppers at the Blackfoot WalmartWhat the produce area may look like at the end of Walmart's remodelin
Catie Clark

As most of Blackfoot may already know, the local Walmart is renovating. The remodeling effort started before Christmas and may be completed sometime during the spring.
"The focus of the remodel is on convenience and customer service," a Walmart representative wrote in an email to the Blackfoot Morning News.
As the work has proceeded at the store, some residents have found it difficult to shop. "It's been awful," one Blackfoot resident said. "Especially right around Christmas, it was chaos."
Despite customers dodging the remodeling daily, A Walmart representative said that the store will have some new features when the work is finished. The biggest changes will be a pickup area at the front of the store and a new consultation room at the pharmacy.
Other updates to the store will include changes in the baby, hardware, home, bakery and produce departments.
"We're always looking for ways to make our customers' lives easier," said Store Manager Susie Goodnight. "We're excited for everyone to see how we will help give time back to our customers with a new and improved shopping experience this spring."
One major change will be the aisle floors. According to a store employee, old tile floors will be replaced with polished concrete. "The tiles age and are hard to keep clean and looking nice," the employee said. "The plain concrete floor is easier to maintain and clean."