Where has the fall sports season gone?

Where has the fall sports season gone? On the pitch area teams will be wrapping up their regular seasons in the next two weeks. Volleyball and cross country are right behind them and, to be perfectly honest, the only thing that I know for a certainty is that I have no clear idea of who will emerge from their respective leagues for a state tournament trip.
Oh sure, both the volleyball and girls soccer teams at Snake River have rolled through their respective seasons to date, but if it is one thing that I have learned over the past several seasons, it’s that the team that should win isn’t always the one who stands victorious at the end of the day.
On the gridiron four of the six Bingham County teams will be taking a much deserved week off with only Blackfoot and Sho-Ban lacing them up on Friday.
Blackfoot will be experiencing homecoming week and all of the festivities associated with that. A quick question for you, however. Just when did the homecoming dance turn into an all-day date? I remember the good old days when we all filed into the gym after the actual game.
I suppose that wasn’t nearly as “special” but I sure had a great time, especially after a big win which is exactly what I expect to see from the Broncos this week.
Those in attendance at the Blackfoot home game on Friday saw the helicopter deliver the game ball. A quaint idea and I am sure that it was really neat for the kids to see the helicopter, but I have to confess I have a problem with the rest of the evening for the copter. The problem that I saw was the multiple flyovers at the Aberdeen-Snake River game and, I am assuming, the flyovers of the other area school. I know that the local television station's people are looking for footage but, at Aberdeen they buzzed the field on four occasions and then the chopper decided to hover over the west end zone to get some action footage.
On the field action was noticeably disrupted as coaching staffs on both sidelines had difficulty communicating with their respective teams. One could argue that the disadvantage was equal between the two teams so no harm, no foul.
I say that delivering the game ball to the field of play prior to actual play is great. Cruising over the field for a quick look in is also permissible but to become the distraction that it was to the game for the sake of a few more viewers, unacceptable.
Speaking of unacceptable. I know that many of you were in attendance at the Idaho State football game on Saturday because the largest crowd since 2008 was in the stands.
So what did the Bengals do with their opportunity to impress the always tough Southeastern Idaho crowd? Lay an egg that Big Bird would have trouble sitting on.
Is it the end of the season for the Bengals? Certainly not because I truly believe that their overall talent base continues to improve and there are local kids in the mix as well, which is always nice.
That being said Coach John Zamberlin and the Bengals have to start winning if they are going to be a viable entertainment avenue on a Saturday afternoon and I, for one, am beginning to wonder if they will ever climb back up that big hill to relevancy.
Mark High is sports editor of the Morning News. Contact him at sports@cableone.net.