Whipkey trial begins

BLACKFOOT — The trial of Jesse William Whipkey, age 67, started Tuesday afternoon before Seventh District Judge David C. Nye.
A jury of six men and seven women are impaneled to hear this case. The 13th juror hears the case but will not deliberate with the other jurors.
Whipkey faces two charges. On count one, Whipkey is charged with attempted murder. Count two is an enhancement charge for use of a firearm in commission of a felony. Both charges are felonies.
Tuesday, Whipkey's daughters explained the circumstances that led up to this alleged crime.
It is alleged that on Saturday, Feb. 25, Whipkey retrieved a loaded 0.22 magnum revolver from a bedroom and then approached his daughter, Amy, in a different room.
Whipkey is charged with pointing the revolver at Amy and pulling the trigger.
Whipkey then began cocking the revolver a second time.
In court, Bingham County Sheriff Deputies Chad Kent and Shawn Humpherys testified about receiving the revolver from a neighbor. The firearm was a Heritage Arms 0.22 caliber pistol revolver.
The pistol was put in an evidence box. The evidence box was opened in court. The five bullets that were recovered were in a separate envelope. Deputy Humphreys testified it was the same pistol and bullets that he had recovered in February.
Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Andrew introduced a cd recorded from the Bingham County Jail between Whipkey and his friend, Gary Laird.
On the recording, Whipkey was explaining to Laird what happened.
"Kids know everything and then they don't know anything," Whipkey said. "I just blew up." ...
"Why can't they leave me alone?" he asked. "They had to keep digging and digging.
"I had to do something," he said. ... "I did the wrong thing. ... All hell broke loose."
Whipkey's health has deteriorated since he has been in jail.
"We do not believe he is malingering," said the prosecuting attorney.
Whipkey could face 15 years in the Idaho Department of Corrections, a fine of $50,000 or both on count one. Count two doubles the possibility of imprisonment and/or fine.