Wild Adventure Corn Maze moves

ROSE — The Wild Adventure Corn Maze has a new owner and location with the old price, said owner Richard Johnson.
The new location is one-quarter mile west of Exit 98 on Interstate 15 (the Rose-Firth exit). Coming from Rose, the maze is located east of the Rose corner.
Last Wednesday, Shawn Stolworthy and Chayce Whitworth were at the corn maze doing some trim work.
The Rose corn maze was planted with the insignia for the 75th anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission. The corn maze covers 10 acres with five miles of trail.
Shawn Stolworthy designs and cuts mazes into field corn.
"We did the planting several weeks ago," Stolworthy said. "I'm just trimming what I did.
As of this week, the corn is almost knee high. The corn height will stretch above head height before it stops growing.
"I got back last night and I'm out cutting a maze today [Wednesday]," Stolworthy said. "My paintbrush is a John Deere tractor."
He and his family spend the summer traveling across the U.S. and Canada cutting corn mazes. Next week they head out to Utah, then Kansas City before working their way east.
Stolworthy and mazeplay.com designer Chayce Whitworth can design about anything that can be imagined.
George Washington praying was featured last year at Shelley. The Boise State Broncos were featured at Nampa. In Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was cut into a maze.
"It was kind of sad selling the name [Wild Adventure Corn Maze] to Richard but we couldn't get done everything we wanted to do on the maze play side of it," Stolworthy said.
"Richard has lots of new ideas," he said. "I'm really excited what he will do with it."
Some of the activities planned for the Wild Adventure Corn Maze include:
° Sept. 28-29 Idaho Potato Museum with a baked potato feed
° Oct 5-6, Angry Pumpkin Chuckin' Contest
° Oct. 12-13, Armed Services Appreciation
° Oct. 19-20 Scouting for Food with Boy Scouts of America
° Oct. 26-27 Halloween festivities
° Nov. 2-3 Regional Point Ball Contest in the corn maze
More information is available the closer the fall comes.