Winger's donates dictionaries to Fort Hall classroom

FORT HALL — Monday, Jana Hebdon, Winger's general manager in Blackfoot, presented 18 dictionaries to Fred Anderson, a second grade teacher at Fort Hall Elementary. The dictionaries are entitled "My First Dictionary."
"I was so impressed with how caring and how passionate Fred Anderson was about the students in his classroom," Hebdon said.
"You're awesome," she said to Anderson.
"We picked up the dictionaries as we could find them," Hebdon said.
The dictionaries were collected during the 2009-2010 school year, however, a date for the presentation could not be arranged until Monday.
Last school year, Anderson had 36 students in his classroom. Anderson teaches 12 second grade students this year because Fort Hall Elementary was able to hire an additional second grade teacher.
Anderson expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the dictionaries presented by the management and staff of Winger's.
"The positive impact these dictionaries will have on my students over the years will be immeasurable," Anderson said. "It's the staff and management at Winger's that makes good things happen for our students."
Anderson has taught at Fort Hall Elementary for four years.
"What an honor it is to teach at Fort Hall Elementary; the students in our school are wonderful kids." he said.
"We have a great staff that care a lot about our students and their futures," Anderson said. "I'm very proud to be a teacher here."