Winkler's has new location

Winkler TV & Satellite has moved to a new location. The Blackfoot business has moved to 360 W. Judicial, behind the electronic billboard.
Winklers have been in business in Blackfoot for 35 years.
"We moved into a better location with more traffic," Carl Winkler said. "We've moved here to get more business."
Trained in the early 60s as a television repairman, Winkler has seen a lot of change in the field.
Instead of tubes, today's flat panel televisions have modular components, Winkler said.
"The solid state components of today's televisions are more reliable," he said. "We haven't repaired any televisions we've sold."
"Nowadays, you need to do more than repair televisions to survive in business," Winkler said.
Winkler TV & Satellite is a Dish Network authorized retailer and DirecTV satellite television authorized retailer. LG televisions can be purchased at Winklers.
"We sell Sony products," son James Winkler said. "We sell televisions as well as surround sound, Blu-ray and 3-D televisions. We haven't repaired any televisions we've sold."
Also available at Winklers are the internet services of CenturyLink, Microserve, Hughes Net and Wild Blue.
"There's more competition on the internet than what it used to be," James Winkler said.
"We also repair televisions," he said.
Winkler TV is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday or by appointment. Call 785-4556 for an appointment.
"We work around people's schedule," said James Winkler.
Winkler TV & Satellite plans a grand opening in May.