Woman expresses thanks for Christmas blessings

BLACKFOOT—Words of thanks aren't enough for Angelina Qulimaco of Blackfoot. A single mother, she hopes to be able to pay it forward some day in a big way for the Christmas that was provided this year for sons Alec (10) and Tyler (8) and her.
Quilimaco, who has been blind since birth and currently unemployed said she was down to her last dollar the week before Christmas. The father of her children died suddenly from a massive heart attack last spring at the age of 49. Although they were divorced, Quilimaco said she and her ex-husband were still good friends and that he remained a big part of their lives.
A grateful Quilimaco claims it was a joint effort by some "Christmas Angels" in the community helped make it a "joyous Christmas" for her family.
One week before Christmas, Quilimaco said she there were several loud knocks on her door. Upon answering, she found a basket filled with Christmas lights, wrapping paper and tape.
The next day a basket filled with sugar cookie dough, frosting and sprinkles was left at the door.
"My son Alec had just said, the day before, 'I wish we could make some Christmas cookies,' but I just didn't have the money," she explained.
The Christmas surprises didn't end there. On Saturday, Quilimaco said she received a card in the mail from an anonymous sender with a cashiers check for $200.
Quilimaco said the money was put to good use to help fix their phones and to buy a few gifts.
She also expressed her gratitude to her friends for providing the family a decorated Christmas tree and for visits from Santa.
"I just feel so blessed," she exclaimed. "I'm so amazed at the goodness of people and I just want to publicly express my gratitude to everyone who reached out to us this Christmas."
Quilimaco, who is a gifted musician and has learned to play the piano beautifully by ear, with just a few lessons, said it is her dream to go on the Ellen Show some day.
"If Ellen gave me money, I would just want to give it all away to help other people," she declared. "I want people to be happy. It makes me happy, when others are happy."