Woman, team investigate paranormal

Michelle Morgan was 14 years old when she first began considering the existence of ghosts. That intrigue has remained throughout her life, and today she works as a paranormal investigator to discover proof and to dispel misconceptions about paranormal activity.
Morgan is a certified paranormal investigator and founder of White Light Western Paranormal Investigations. Morgan’s team has conducted various investigations in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, and Morgan and her husband Rick regularly travel to the famously haunted Virginia City, Nev., where they have also done investigations.
It was there that Morgan got her first digital voice recording.
“We really didn’t know if we got anything,” she said. “But we got this voice. Then I was hooked.”
On Friday night, she and her team conducted an investigation at Stellar Thoughts in Blackfoot. The team set up four static infrared cameras and travelled to various parts of the house with digital voice recorders and electromagnetic field meters to attempt to discover proof of paranormal activity.
The century-old home at 291 N. Shilling is said to have several ghosts including children and adults who once lived in the home. Doors in the house will lock themselves and lights will turn on at random. Looking from outside, people have been seen in the upstairs windows.
About 9 p.m. Friday one team set off to the basement in search of a young boy, while another team went upstairs to investigate the various bedrooms.
The team definitely had unusual readings, but until Morgan examines all the footage and digital recordings they will not know exactly what they discovered, if anything.
Part of the reason Morgan investigates is to show that most hauntings are not dangerous and that—despite what is shown in movies—possessions are very rare.
She also hopes that having another paranormal investigation team in the area can help to verify other teams’ results.
Morgan does not charge to investigate, and results are confidential. For more information about White LIght Western Paranormal Investigations email wlwparanormal@gmail.com or call 317-1516.