Women serve at BMH nursing home

BLACKFOOT-Coleen Gregory and Sonja Wright use their own time every Thursday to work at the Salon doing hair for residents of the nursing home at BMH. Wright said, "I enjoy the people. A woman always feels better when they look nice. It doesn't matter how old you are." Wright has been a volunteer since 1990. Gregory said, "the ladies are so gracious about getting their hair done. It makes them feel better." Gregory has been volunteering since 1989 and would like to hang up her hair dryer but is concerned that no one will be there to take her place. "It seems as though we used to have volunteers all the time and it has just slowed down."
Dinah Karren, volunteer director of BMH, tells stories about years of generous hearts and giving service. "It's their way of being. It's who they are. They are always giving and never looking for what they get back." The volunteers come from all walks in life. A teacher, a site worker, husband and wife teams, a 95 year old woman- all come together for one purpose, to help. Volunteer positions at BMH are as diverse as the people. Karren said, " we try to place them where they will be happy. We fit the person to the job." Positions include work in the Salon, Gift Shop, front desk, clerical and loading and unloading supplies.
BMH currently has 54 volunteers. 46 are constant and others come and go. Speaking of the volunteers Karren said, "They are all the same caliber. They know there is more to life than just themselves. It is a humbling experience to work with them." BMH will be hosting a luncheon May 5th to recognize and honor the volunteers. One volunteer, Norma Furniss, has given 38 years of service to BMH. "All the volunteers are youthful and energetic. They have more energy and strength than most." Said Karren. The volunteers at BMH render well the quote by american novelist Pearl S. Buck, "To serve is beautiful, but only if done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind."
To volunteer with BMH speak with Dinah Karren and fill out an application. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.