Youngsters show off driving skills

BLACKFOOT — Nine-year-old drivers of Shire and Belgian draft horses competed Monday morning at the Eastern Idaho State Fair (EISF).
Kirsten Barney, age 9, won first place driving two Shires. Zoey Olaveson, age 9, won second place driving two Belgians.
The girls put the draft horses through their paces. On command, they put the horses into a trot, walked them, turned them a different direction and backed them up.
Kirsten said this was the second time she has driven the team.
"She rides horses so she knows how to handle them," her mom said.
The team of Shires is owned by Kirsten's grandpa, Richard Barney from Lewisville.
Zoey said she been working with the Belgians her "whole life." The team of Belgians is owned by her grandpa, Dell Olaveson of Rigby.