Zombie Pandemic invades Bingham Academy

Checking the possibilities of a Zombie infection were Axel Barrera and Kaden Perkes. They are questioning Patient number 108, Dylan Trahant, during the Zombie Pandemic STEM exercise at Bingham Academy on Wednesday. Rian Sanchez and her anatomic and physiology class built this spine to demonstrate what it looks like. On Wednesday, students at Bingham Academy presented their STEM project about the Zombie Pandemic. Bingham Academy science teacher Brin Turpin uses a blue light to check for germs on the hands of Cole Risa. The Bingham Academy orchestra prepared the piece, 'Zombie Tango' by James Meredith to perform during the Zombie Pandemic on Wednesday at the school.
Staff Writer

A Zombie Pandemic ran wild through Bingham Academy on Thursday. The all-school Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) project involved students in every class.
Bingham Academy principal Mark Fisk said, "We patterned our Zombie Pandemic from a suggestion on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Facebook. It suggested people are more interested in in emergency preparedness if it is cast as a Zombie Pandemic. We used the Zombie Pandemic as our interdisciplinary STEM exercise."
The BCCLC Middle School students toured the high school to understand various aspects of this pandemic.
To read the full story, see it in the Thursday, Nov. 1, edition of the Morning News.