Zumba team collaborates for fundraiser

BLACKFOOT— The Charlotte fire that burned the Mink Creek area June 28, leaving 66 families without homes, has hit close to home in Blackfoot, leaving many wanting to reach out and help those affected.
Zumba instructor Lacy Grover noticed how many of her own students were willing to offer what they had and quickly put together a combined effort for donations.
Grover began calling other licensed Zumba instructors in the area to put together an 80-minute Zumba class at Jensen Grove and contacted the Zumba organization to register the fundraiser. Grover was able to gather six instructors from the Blackfoot area and one from Pocatello. The instructors cancelled their classes for that evening and have encouraged their students to come help the cause.
Zumba instructor Joni Merrick said, "I have been surprised at how many of the students, some without much themselves, are wanting to give."
The event will take place at the amphitheater (known as the hill to locals) at Jensen Grove, Thursday from 7:30 to 8:50 pm.
"The class is out in the open. You don't have to dance if you don't feel comfortable. Just come and donate and observe." said Merrick.
Zumba is a Latin dance-inspired workout routine modified to add fitness elements that can be enjoyed by women, children and men of all ages. The seven instructors will each be performing routines to different songs. Merrick said she expects about 100 people in attendance and added, "we get along very well for having competing classes. We train together and we all have different styles. People can find what they like. Some students go to more than one teacher depending on the day."
The proceeds of the event will benefit those affected by the Charlotte Fire through the American Red Cross. The suggested donation is $5 but any amount will be accepted. For more information contact Grover at 226-6928.