Bingham's Got Talent

Left to right: Ron Barrett, Elisa Magagna, Dottie Barrett

In October I found out I had stage 2 cancer. Although cancer-free now, the consequent surgery left me unable to play the violin for months. When Ron and Dottie Barrett read a story I’d written for the Morning News in January, they reached out to me and asked if I’d come “jam” with them. I was nervous—not having really been able to play since October.

I visited their house and surprised myself by playing fairly well. They immediately asked me to join them competing in Bingham’s Got Talent!

Last night at the competition, that amazing couple raised hundreds of dollars for cancer prevention and awareness; because of their efforts we won the People’s Choice Award.

When I found out I had stage 2 cancer, it was devastating. I never imagined that months later, I’d be able to play the violin again, I’d meet amazing new friends while working at my dream job, and that we’d win a People’s Choice Award for raising money to help those with cancer!

The Barretts are truly some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. They even donated the trophy to the Morning News, so staff at the paper can remember this moment for years to come.

Life can be so amazing. I am extremely grateful for my job, working for the Morning News—a company I believe in. I’m also grateful to be alive—so I can enjoy life with my family, and make new friends like the Barretts.

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