Division 2 photo

Messages like this Easter egg are throughout the campaign of Tom Clancy's Division 2, and just awaiting players to discover them.

After only getting to peruse the open beta for Tom Clancy's Division 2 during their open beta weekend, the problems that plagued the initial title have been fixed, seamlessly.

Rewind to the original Division release, the game was met with a cheers, but soon people found that the game had some "game breaking" flaws. As Ubisoft worked through the kinks, the players moved on to different titles, eventually leaving only a shell of what The Division's player base initially was.

Popping back to the present, last Friday The Division 2 launched flawlessly, landing on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After spending some time customizing your character, you are dropped into war-torn Washington, D.C. where warring gangs called Hyenas continue to try and take control of what is left of the city.

Division agents are called in to essentially clean up the areas and help rebuild a working infrastructure, including healthcare for those wounded, and basic necessities like water and food.

As you progress your character, new and exciting abilities are unlocked. From using drones to heal you, or remote controlled vehicle like things to send in secret explosive ordinances. As progress is made in Washington, D.C., changes to the areas actually happen for your character

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