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Members of NDS TaLoN's fireteam gather around before taking off to play some Destiny 2.

Entertainment seems to go through cycles. The major form of entertainment for the children and found adults now follows a new platform: Streaming. Not streaming in the sense of flipping on Netflix or Hulu to binge watch a TV series, but rather logging into Twitch or Mixer and being able to interact with a chatroom of other people watching the same person play a video game.

The streamer craze reached an all time high when famous professional Halo player, Tyler "Ninja" Blevin made the transition from competitive gaming into entertainment. Ninja streams quite a few different games, but is most notably known for his play of the battle royale game Fortnite. Fortnite was not Ninja's first battle royale game, as he did play Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) prior to Fortnite's release, but made the transition to it because he liked the added building mechanic.

These are not the only games that are showcased on the streaming services, as any game imaginable may be available to watch. Finding the right streamer for your personality is the only challenge, but once that takes place, their world opens up.

One of the top Destiny streamers, Gavin "TaLoN" Cummins, promotes positivity and community in his stream. Although playing at a high level in competitive games, TaLoN presents himself as a caring, down to earth person, that makes connections with his audience. He is known for skilled gameplay, witty banter, and excitement.

Streamers are not only gamers trying to make a living, but also are gamers who care. It is not uncommon to log into Twitch or Mixer and see streamers carrying out charity events for many different positive causes. Events like TwitchCon, GuardianCon, and the like often have the streamers playing from the conventions, with any and all proceeds generated during their stream time going to charity.

Some of these charity events are for long time members of the streamers community. One in particular that I recall, was that of a single dad had been laid off prior to Christmas so he sold his computer, his Xbox, TV, monitor, and desk so that he would have enough to provide a Christmas for his two children. He was supposed to be going back to work in the middle of January, but then the business he worked for decided they were going to downsize his position entirely. Left with no way to pay the bills, he expressed that he was going to be away from TaLoN's chat for awhile, until he had things figured out and was back on his feet. TaLoN, without this members' knowledge put together a charity event to help this member of his community in their time of need. Thanks to gratuitous people, this person now not only had enough to cover the next few months bills, but was surprised a few days later, when a TV, Xbox, and relatively inexpensive computer showed up at his place.

The streamer craze will continue to grow, and with streamers using their fame for positivity, more great content will proceed to be produced by these self-made entertainers.

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