Unique tarot reader

Heather Frederick standing in Healing Hands Metaphysical Store in Idaho Falls. She reads tarot there for her business "Awakening in You."

IDAHO FALLS– Tarot reading has become more mainstream in the last few years and there are a lot of people who are grateful it is becoming more accepted. Heather Frederick is the proprietor of Awakening in You on Facebook and Instagram. She is a magic inclined tarot reader who reads where a person is in their awakening process and what their soul needs. Her method is more unique than other readers who rely more on intuition and the cards themselves. She recently moved from Blackfoot, and misses the small town, but loves the opportunities in Idaho Falls.

Intuitive readings are different than cold readings when it comes to the cards. The directions of reading tarot are rather intense and are left to interpretation. Most readers learn the deck for themselves but then let intuition guide them. 

Tarot reading is a world outside of religion. Many religions feel that one can define oneself through study and having a relationship with God or a higher power. Tarot goes hand in hand with his idea. People have found a guiding influence in their life by little lessons learned from having their cards read. Some readers are intuitive and use different decks, though the stories seem to resonate with those who have their cards read. There are some religions who place tarot in the same realm as Ouija boards, fortune telling, and occultism. The main problem with this idea is a lack of understanding of it's history and what the cards are used for. "The Court De Gebelin, who was an 18th century clergyman wrote about tarot having mystical possibilities," Paul rather, a writer on the Big Think website, states, "yet this mystical link to the tarot has persisted, even though there is no real evidence for it." This unholy connection still persists with religions across the country. 

When Frederick was asked how she got started in tarot she chuckled and said, "It was an active act of rebellion. My family was made up of Protestants and LDS (religion). Something has always pulled me to reading. My parents are more accepting now because we have some Reikian healers in the family now." She likes to read on the weekends at Healing Hands Reiki and Massage. When she is in office there are a lot of people who walk by the windows. "It is a lot of fun to see them walk by and then a few moments later, walk by again and come in the store. There is something that calls them to it." 

Historically tarot was considered a playful game of divination and had nothing to do with the occult. In the 1500s, "Tarrocchi Appropriati" was part of the Italian aristocracy's world. Random cards were dealt and the associations of the cards were put into poetic verse. Imagine the kid's game 'MASH' with cards. It made a connection in the cards with destiny and future. Wealthy families had their own cards commissioned. The suits that were designed were very similar to what people believe today to be tarot. The most widely used design today, harkens back to Rider Waite in 1909. William Rider, a publisher, worked with popular mystic of the time, A.E. Waite and created tarot cards strictly for divination and mystical readers. Even though its beginnings aren't specifically known. It doesn't really matter because it is claimed across creeds, cultures, and continents. Bakara Wintner, author of "WTF is TAROT" said, "The tarot is becoming more popular because of its resonation with existence. Everyone has collective history and with the guiding aspect of the Tarot, people can be led."

Frederick is contemplating reading tarot fulltime because of how much she enjoys it and the way it helps people. She used to live in Blackfoot but recently moved to Idaho Falls. The environment has been a little more welcoming to the ideas of tarot and the metaphysical. When asked what she would recommend for people who are looking into a more holistic, magical existence she says, "Always remain true to yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. We are living in a time of spiritual equality. I especially love living in a time period where I can practice and not be hung for my way of life." Frederick also teaches classes at Healing Hands and her next class is "Life Lessons from a Tree." Check out her page on Facebook and Instagram. 

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