WD-40 helpful to many people

“If it moves and shouldn’t, duct tape it. If it doesn’t move and should, WD-40 it.” Many people have heard this quote when shopping for WD-40 in some form or other. Many mechanics swear by it, others find uses for it in the house. However, WD-40 can be an asset in some unusual ways.


Many people have silver or other metals in their emergency preparedness kit. Spray some WD-40 on a rag and wipe all over silver products to keep them from tarnishing and getting rusty.

Ski equipment

Use WD-40 to lubricate and clean ski equipment gear. It helps keep the gear in working order. Even using it on the gear before putting it away for the year will help keep it from getting overly rusted throughout the warmer weather. 


WD-40 can be used to unstick numerous items. It can be used to unstick bolts, buckles, tent poles or even sticky spots.


Zippers are another item is a hassle if not working properly. Spray a little WD-40 on sticky or stubborn zippers and they will work properly again.

Terracotta pots

Spraying a thin layer on the outside of Terracotta pots will keep them from oxidizing. Which is a brittle crust that forms on a lot of pots.

Scissors in first aid kits

Many first-aid kits have scissors for cutting off clothing or gauze. Spritz a little WD-40 to keep the scissors working smoothly. Many first aid kits might not be used over the course of a few years. Keep track of your needed materials by doing checks every six months.


Spray metal tools to prevent them from rusting. This will keep it in working order when needed.


Spray WD-40 on shovels to keep the ground from sticking to it. Living in an area with a lot of clay, this is very helpful.


Spray a thin layer on work boots and shoes to winterize them. It really helps with keeping water away from feet. Having wet feet is one of the more obnoxious things that might happen during the winter. If one is wearing winterized boots, one will be set.

Creepy crawlies

Keep the bugs from getting into your area. Spray some WD-40 around your windowsills and other areas to keep them at bay. 


For those hunters: spray some WD-40 on a crossbow to lubricate it. Nothing is worse when a bow can’t fire properly with a tough string.


Spray some WD-40 on the locking rods of a portable fireproof safe to keep it from sticking. This problem happens quite often.

Pocket knives

This helps loosen pocket-knife blades. Spray some on the knife and screw area to keep the blade gliding smoothly.

There are many things that can be improved by using WD-40. Remember to keep out of reach of children or pets, it is very toxic. 

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