Annual noodle sale at St. John’s Catholic Church

(Photo courtesy Laurie Allen)

People make noodles for the third Sunday in preparation for the upcoming noodle sale at St. John’s Mission in Pingree, Idaho.

PINGREE – On Saturday, December 7, from noon to 4 P.M. St. John's Catholic Chapel will hold their Annual Christmas Bazaar complete with homemade goods, their famous homemade noodles, needlework and crafts as well as candies, breads, pies and much more.

Lunch will also be available with choices of homemade beef stew, chicken noodle soup, chili, hot dogs, nachos, homemade pie, cake and cinnamon rolls.

St. John's Catholic Chapel in Pingree can be found by taking Highway 39 from Blackfoot. The church is one-and-a-half miles north of Pingree. Travelers should turn west onto Sheeptrail Road and then drive about half a mile to St. John's Catholic Chapel.

Everyone is welcome to attend the bazaar on December 7.

The church is located on Sheep Trail Road in Pingree, Idaho.

Please call 208-226-5217 if you have additional questions.