Sight in

A sight-in day is important because it helps keeps a rifle and handguns in working order.

BLACKFOOT– The Cedar Hills Gun Club is having their annual sight-in day. This club has been a part of Blackfoot history for many years. The sight-in day has been happening for many years. It is one of the times during the year that non-members can come in and experience the lower covered range. The lower covered range has the ability to sight-in up to 200 yards, but one can sight-in at whatever range one wants. The event is also free to the public. There will be people there to help those who may have questions about their guns or how to properly sight-in. 

The range has made some impressive upgrades over the years. They initially started with just a smaller pistol range. It had very limited offerings for its members, and mainly the members were a part of the Bingham County Sheriff's Department. It now has members from all over Bingham County and their events have been frequented by people all over the West. They now offer, for their members: 12 month 24/7 indoor shooting range, sporting clay range, two outdoor pistol bays, complete kitchen for group activities, nine station pistol range, five stand building, multi-use ranges, rifle range (1,000 yards), and it all sits on over 420 deeded acres. 

The sight-in day will be Saturday, September 28 from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Take exit 98 and follow the signs. North Center Road will take one to the Cedar Hills Gun Club. It is nestled near Hell's Half Acre. If one feels like becoming a part of the club, they do have signup options on their website. Starting on October first, if one signs up for the 2020 year, they will let you come October, November, and December for free. It is one of the only times they do this. 

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