Talented people in Bingham

The art gallery in the Candy Jar has been a successful adventure for Paul Loomis and Wayne Goodwin. They hope to begin an arts council with individuals across Bingham County.

BLACKFOOT– The Candy Jar is now home to numerous incredible works of art from members of the community. The artists showed their works to the community and patrons were able to sample some of the famous fudge from the shop. A harpist played beautiful music while people looked at the art work. This gallery has been a brainchild for Paul Loomis and Wayne Goodwin.

This gallery opening has been a first step in moving towards a more artistically up to date crowd in the community. The artists that were included were Ken Spencer, Tim Goodworth, Darrell Allen, Stephanie Talbot, Yidan Guo, Dustin Lyon, Nick Blight, Daniel Borrup, and Natalie Bigler. These artists have been working at their craft for numerous years and one can see that there is real talent within the area. The artists can be seen at the Candy Jar for the near future. Stop by and see the beautiful works in the community. 

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