Blackfoot attorney suspended from practicing law

Courtesy photo of Kevin C. Peterson

BLACKFOOT —  On October 30, 2019, the Idaho Supreme Court issued a Disciplinary Order suspending Blackfoot attorney Kevin C. Peterson from the practice of law for six (6) months, with four (4) months of that suspension withheld. The Disciplinary Order provides that upon reinstatement, Mr. Peterson will be placed on probation for two (2)


The Idaho Supreme Court found that Mr. Peterson violated I.R.P.C. 8.4(b) [Commission of a criminal act that reflects adversely on a lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects]. The Idaho Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Order followed a stipulated resolution of an Idaho State Bar disciplinary proceeding and related to the following circumstances.

In March 2019, Mr. Peterson pleaded guilty to two (2) misdemeanor petit theft counts and one (1) misdemeanor count of public intoxication. The petit theft charge related to merchandise stolen from a motorsports store. The public intoxication case related to Mr. Peterson appearing in a public place while under the influence of five (5)

prescribed medications which, because they caused Mr. Peterson to be confused and lethargic, satisfied the City code requirement that he endangered himself or others. In the criminal case, Mr. Peterson paid a fme, restitution and was sentenced to a two (2) year supervised probation.

Following reinstatement, Mr. Peterson will serve a two (2) year probation upon the terms of probation specified in the Disciplinary Order. Those terms include compliance with his criminal probation, continued treatment and counseling, and that he will serve the withheld suspension if he violates any of those conditions or if he admits or is found to have violated any of the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct for which a public sanction is imposed for any professional conduct during the period of probation.

Inquiries about this matter may be directed to: Bar Counsel, Idaho State Bar, P.O. Box 895, Boise, Idaho 83701, (208) 334-4500.