BLACKFOOT– Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) is in the process of doing their yearly research project on how a city is run. The learning unit involves students researching what goes into planning and zoning, etiquette in council meetings, and how to work with others. 

Thursday, students from BCCLC met with leaders of the city and learned some interesting things. The students were able to see where the council chambers were as well as where they do some of the important tasks for the city. The students walked around the city, stopping at the fire department, police department, and Morning News to get some ideas for their city.

The project is extensive and covers many of the English and Language Arts standards. Students can decide what their city needs, create a mock city council meeting, as well learn to speak up to their peers. The students are paired with someone (sometimes not someone they expected) and then collaborate on their city block. 

As they continue to contemplate their city, the culmination of their efforts comes together in a 3D city. It helps them repurpose found items to create a block. Students write essays explaining what their city block entails as well as problem solving issues. It helps the students build confidence in themselves and the group as well as learning how to deal with issues.

Their final act of the unit involves showing their 3D built city to the mayor and public. It is a lot of fun for the students and parents to see what they have been working on and how much they learned. 

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