BLACKFOOT–Tuesday's city council meeting was standard. Those in attendance were able to hear some interesting aspects of the council system and how the Mayor and council vote on items. This meeting was quickly put together to vote on final items before the first of the year.

The summer tennis program came to speak to the council about resurfacing the tennis courts over at Blackfoot High School. The tennis program started in 1991 and is in its 29th year. Though the use of this program Blackfoot High School benefits from the youth program by sending students to state and having them place. They work with the standards of the Professional Tennis association and through their assistance have been able to create a youth novice and an advanced program where people can learn more and challenge others in different matches. The courts at Blackfoot High School are in disrepair this year. The courts have been cracking and the patching hasn't been reaching the cracks as well. It has been making practice and tennis harder because the balls are going everywhere. The council heard a possibility of adding a price for using the tennis courts as well as getting bids for having all the courts resurfaced. It was accepted by the council.

There was also a motion to update the sewer line and manholes to The Potato Museum. They have been having trouble with the sewer line for many years and it is time to fix it. Within the same purview was having the mayor sign grants to apply state funding for projects of the water water treatment plants and further issues. The motion was agreed upon. 

The council was excited to hear the local agreement to replace the Bridge Street bridge. They have been working hard getting grants and setting up the project to make the funding more palatable to all involved. The detailed the estimation of cost but one never knows until the designs and updates have been finished. The approval, at this point, is to start designing the upgrade and making sure there will be minimal cost and risk to entities. The bridge has been around for a very long time and at the last structural sufficiency tests it came to a 30 out of 100 percent efficiency. If the bridge collapsed the EPA costs of having a broken sewer line and the cost of getting it built would be even more astronomical. The council approved, which gets the designing underway.

Finally, Rex Moffat discussed having an engineering standards for contractors who wish to build in Blackfoot. He explained that there are numerous building contractors who are coming back numerous times to build and are sent away because they aren't getting approved. They are at a loss for proper standards of building in Blackfoot. The "living" document would relate the standards of plumbing, sewer, water rights, and fiber optic specifications, just to name a few. The document would be updated as new technologies come around. The document will be given to developers to help them understand the area and how they should build their specifications. The early document was approved by the council 

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