Cow elk carcasses dumped

Photo credit: Raliegh Scott/Idaho Department of Fish and Game

By Jennifer Jackson, Regional Communications Manager  

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating two cow elk that were killed, partly processed, and then dumped approximately one mile north of Georgetown on Red Canyon Road in Bear Lake County. A sportsman in the area discovered and reported the wasted meat to Fish and Game on Monday, October 28.

Senior Conservation Officer Raliegh Scott said, “The puzzling thing about this case is that the elk were properly taken care of prior to being dumped. Each elk was skinned, cut into quarters, and appeared to be, at one time, properly tagged.” Scott discovered fluorescent zip ties still attached to the hindquarters of both elk—a possible indication that big game tags were formerly attached to both animals prior to being discarded.

Scott added, “This area is known for sportsmen who take great pride in caring for meat, so to see waste at this level is troubling.”

Anyone with knowledge about these two elk, or has information of vehicles or persons seen in the area from October 25 through October 27 is asked to please call or text SCO Scott at 207-270-9923. Those with information may also contact the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999, or go to and fill out an online report. People who provide information may remain anonymous, and those with information leading to an arrest are eligible for rewards.