Dan Meyer inspires crowds

Dan Meyer has been to the EISF a couple of times and absolutely loves performing.

BLACKFOOT– The Eastern Idaho State Fair brings a lot of fascinating individuals into the city. Carnival workers, booths for every type of thing one could possibly want, and of course food. There are some big ticket acts performing on the big stage, but even though they are great, one cannot help but love the free stage acts. The performers who grace these stages have been working on their craft for many years and love what they do. Many of them have a message to share with the audience that sees their performance. Dan Meyer is a performer by trade but his talent is dwarfed by the messages he relates to the audience.

When Meyer was a child he had some extreme fears. He was afraid of being judged, being a failure, and even being rejected. Many people would see this as a social anxiety disorder. Instead of letting this fear control him, Meyer found an outlet through real feats. He loved reading books on world records and Ripley's Believe it or Not. He found a way to prove the impossible, is possible. 

Meyer has lived all over the world and his time in India changed his life forever. He found out about major life goals. Not just the types of goals that people write down every month and then put in a drawer; major life goals that change a person. When he contracted malaria during his time over there, he realized that fear was the major issue in his life. As he continued to get better his life goals became his mission. His goals took him to the Bahamas, Mexico, climbing mountains, and jobs in the music business. Meyer's job in the circus instilled a love of performing that his childhood self would never had thought of experiencing. He learned to clown, juggle, stilt-walk, unicyling, fire-eating, glass-eating…and by the end of his tenure in the circus, he learn about a dying art that would catapult him into new arenas of fear and learning the ways to overcome them.

Historically, sword swallowing is considered one of the most dangerous feats for the human body. It started in India and the feats discovered in sword swallowing, helped catapult science and medicine to study the internal workings of the human body. There are three to eight serious injuries each year due to sword swallowing and is extremely dangerous.

The feat of sword swallowing is insignificant, it is the minds control over the natural body instincts. Most humans would feel it is impossible, and yet there are people doing the impossible everyday. This is the main reason Meyer does what he does. He inspires people to take a step back and look at the little things that scare them. The swords are insignificant. It is the effort, the background, the constant overcoming of fears that is the message Meyer is trying to instill in others.

His talents have taken him onto the stage at America's Got Talent, he has traveled all over the world doing educative Ted Talks, opened for Brooks and Dunn, been on numerous documentaries, and even performed at some of the top universities in the world. He has co-written a paper with Bryan Whitcomb which was placed in the British Medical Journal and earned him the Ig Nobel Prize. These feats have all been made possible by his zeal to show that the impossible is possible. The mind is something that can be harnessed and trained to push beyond ones fears and reach imaginable heights. 

Meyer has loved coming to perform at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. He alternates years with the Alaska State Fair. He loves meeting the people in Blackfoot and has had the chance to go on the reservation and observe the Shoshone Bannock Tribal culture. At one point Meyer lived in Idaho Falls and "It is good to be in Idaho again. Idaho is so beautiful and I have been looking forward to coming back!"

If one would like to see Meyer's performance this week at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, he will be performing at the Big Dog Satellite Free Stage, every day at 5 and 7 P.M. Go and listen to this master share his experiences and messages, while showing his talent for swords.

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