Divine Dreams by Dawnita

Dawnita has helped many people interpret their dreams. 

BLACKFOOT– Divine Dreams by Dawnita is one of the unique persons that has taken part in the Soul to Sole booth at the fair. She was at the fair for one day only, but does consultations on her website and Facebook. Dreams have always held her fascination and Dawnita has been cultivating her talent for over nine years. She has been doing dream interpretations for about three years, and has only been reading professionally for about the last eight months. 

Dreams are a fascinating subject. There have been thousands of theories that have been spread around about dreaming and the subconscious. Whatever the case, dreams are a mixture of symbolism, metaphors, astral projection, discussions with entities, some times even crime scene investigations. Dawnita has been helping clients understand what their dreams mean and helping them be able to harness their dream states at night. Dawnita has helped people learn to control prophetic dreams, how to understand what regressive dreams there are, third eye dreaming, and dream recall. 

"When starting on my dream work I had to be open to anything that came to me. It took a lot of focus and praying before bed to really begin to focus on the subconscious. Whenever a client comes to me I help them find a way to discover solutions to their problems. You can ask your dreams to help you with solutions. Everyone is different in their dreams. Some people are auditory dreamers, others have more images. You can really find out some amazing things about your life in your dreams," says Dawnita. There are many things available to people who want to know more about dreams. Dream interpretation books are an ok place to start researching, but many times the information given does not always apply to the person's experience. Dreams have context, but only with the individual who is having them. This is why a one-on-one session is important for many people. 

"What many people need to do is listen to their own intuition. If an interpretation doesn't feel right to you, don't try to make it fit into your own situation. Let the feelings come across and listen. It can be quite challenging once you start digging. The mind is amazing because it can block the memories of traumatic experiences. Many times dreams are trying to help us get back to a healer place through flashback dreams. If someone is trying to heal from these regressive dreams, there usually needs to be some therapy involved to help them get through those emotions to a healthier place," says Dawnita. 

Dawnita had a lot of fun at the fair and met many people who needed guidance on their dreams. One can find her information on Instagram or on Facebook with the name Dreams by Dawnita. She is also available for consultations. 

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