Trevor and Lorena Comedy Magic

Trevor and Lorena performing some of their unique illusions. 

BLACKFOOT– With the days growing ever closer of the Eastern Idaho State Fair there are many people who are excited to eat the food, play on the rides, see the animals, but for some they love seeing the entertainment on the stages around the fairgrounds. Trevor and Lorena: Comedy Magic are going to be performing every day at the fair. Their personality comes through in their performances and they love being a part of the fair atmosphere.

Trevor was intrigued by magic ever since he was little. His father brought back some magic tricks from Las Vegas and he learned them quickly. They both decided to start performing for birthday parties. They had a lot of fun on their first performance and they performed for over an hour. Trevor's father took a step back and is considered a hobbiest. Trevor continued learning tricks and performing on his own.

Trevor and Lorena have been performing together for over two decades. They have done birthday parties, corporate events, large state fairs and travel all over the country. Trevor and Lorena met in college. Both of them were in the theater program. Lorena did the theatrical aspects of it and Trevor was a part of stagecraft and lighting. Their teacher asked them to meet someone new and Lorena met Trevor.  Trevor explained that he was a magician, and she heard musician. It was something that still makes them laugh.

After college they began performing at magic conventions across country. They love performing at conventions because there are thousands of magicians who get together and share their love of magic. During conventions magicians are asked to perform and are judged. In 2014 they won National Stage Magicians of the Year. The conventions are a tight knit network and there are TedTalk-esque performances. There are even a lot of live performances as well. They have gleaned a lot of illusions over the years and Trevor's talent with stagecraft and lighting has helped them craft a unique stage presence.

One of their mentors was the Johnny Thompson and his wife, Pamela. Johnny and Pamela performed as The Great Tomsoni and had a slapstick act. They helped and mentored Trevor and Lorena, helping them craft their characters for the stage. Thompson has provided support for other big name magicians like Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, and David Copperfield. Thompson passed away earlier this year and the loss floored the magic community. 

Trevor and Lorena do a lot of audience participation within their shows and love doing fairs. "Fairs are a unique special world. Many people go to the fair to eat and feel the experience. Some people don't realize there are acts on the stages and they stop randomly to see us. It is heartwarming to see them come back again and again. The team aspect to the fair, people who help us with lighting and sound. We become like a family. People we have met at the fairs have become fast friends and we like to call them when we are back in town." 

Trevor and Lorena will be performing every day of the fair and will be performing in the West Events area, where the Puzzlemania and Barnyard Adventure Tent will be stationed. They will be performing 1, 3, and 6 daily. 

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