Farm Bureau delivers pumpkins to second graders

Second graders in Bingham County are excited to decorate pumpkins that were donated by Farm Bureau. 

BLACKFOOT– Second graders from around the county were excited to have the members of Farm Bureau come to their school. For the eighth year, members of Farm Bureau delivered pumpkins to the second graders at numerous elementary schools. This tradition has been a lot of fun for the teachers and students. It gives them a chance to be creative. The Farm Bureau agents: Zak Popejoy, Todd Burke, Chris Axenty, Brandt Leslie, Jacob Lingard, and Kris Burke, will be coming back to the schools in a week and judge the decorating the students have achieved.  This years pumpkins were bought from Grove City Gardens. Richard Johnson was happy to pick out a plethora of pumpkins to make the second graders happy. Each child had a lot of fun picking up their pumpkins. Many of them were discussing how they were going to decorate them, with one precocious child stating, "If I decorate my pumpkin like you (one of the gentlemen from Farm Bureau) do I get extra points?" This garnered a laugh from the teachers and Farm Bureau agents. The students will be given time in the classroom to decorate their pumpkins, at the discretion of the teachers. They will then be able to show their finished creations to Farm Bureau and then take them home in time for Halloween night. 

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